SnowPilot is a FREE software program that allows you to collect snow pit and avalanche occurrence data onto your computer (PC or Mac) This data is then uploaded to a database on the web where others can view it and researchers can grab the raw data.


It consists of two main parts: From your personal computer you can enter in all pit data, as well as edit, print, and save your snow pit as a JPEG. At your convenience you can upload all your data to a central database. From here you can search, view and print any uploaded pit (yours, as well as others) from your desktop. You can do an advanced search based on state, mountain range, pit site, aspects or date.

NEWEST VERSION RELEASED October 2015 (Version 9 build 36)

Significant changes to the program include:

  • Implemented a request from Ski Areas and Snow Safety folks ability to upload your pits to the database while keeping them hidden from public view.
  • All the International Snow Symbols, now with text.
  • SWAG and OGRS compatible format.
  • Save pits as CAAML
  • A Search for Pits function allows you to easily look for pits in the database.
  • With over 5,400 pits archived, you can search for a specific state, mountain range, date or aspect.
  • The ability to write long and detailed notes about a particular pit.
  • The addition of the Propagation Saw Test (PST).
  • Linear or exponential graphing.
  • Highlighting your layer of most concern in the snowpit.